9月17日(日)東京の国際連合大学で行われた「第40回 全国商業高等学校 英語スピーチコンテスト」において、3年生ゴンザレス アントンさんがスピーチの部で『優秀賞』に加えて『日本国際連合協会会長賞』を、1年生アルコード クリスジェイさんがレシテーションの部で『優良賞』を受賞しました。


ゴンザレス アントン

スピーチの部 日本国際連合協会会長賞 優秀賞(第2位)

 Participating in the speech contest was truly an amazing experience. At first, I felt a mix of excitement and nervousness. Creating a captivating speech demanded research, writing and practice. Throughout this process, I gained insight into the significance of perseverance and dedication. It greatly enhanced my abilities as a speaker by enabling me to articulate my thoughts with clarity and persuasion.

 After my victory on the prefectural level, I was filled with a sense of joy. It wasn’t just a victory; it symbolized a triumph for all those who supported me along the way. Representing my region instilled in me great amount of pride. It served as motivation to strive for even greater heights.

 However, the journey didn’t end there. Advancing to the national level brought about feelings of both thrill and intimidation. The competition was fierce, with talented orators converging from all corners of the country. It showcased to me the power that effective communication holds and underscored the impact our words can have.

 This journey taught me that success in a speech contest extends beyond mere victory itself. It encompasses growth in confronting one’s fears head on and shapes us into skilled communicators. I came to realize that the journey itself is just as significant as reaching the destination. I thank my teachers, family and friends for the support that they provided me.

アルコード クリスジェイ

レシテーションの部 優良賞(第3位)

 This was my first time participating in the Zensho English Speech Contest. My plan when I was a 3rd year junior high school student was to continue participating in English Speech Contests. I have been practicing in front of the mirror at least three times a day in preparation for the national competition. Through practice, I was able to control my emotions, adjust the volume of my voice, and use a mirror to imagine how other people reacted to my speech. On the day of the event, I felt a bit of pressure listening  to other contestants’ recitations, but I used what I had practiced and the support from people around me as motivation. While I was presenting, I remembered what my senpai once told me “high hopes, low expectations.” Surprisingly, I was chosen out of 12 people, and I felt empowered. Although I wasn’t able to achieve 1st place as a representative of Mie Prefecture this year, I was very happy to be able to make history by finishing 3rd in the Recitation Contest for Matsusho. Because of the contest, I became more confident in speaking in front of people. I was able to meet people from various prefectures and make many friends in Tokyo. I would like to participate next year as well.