【ESS】Activities of 2023-2024

Egg Hunt

  In April, the ESS Club had a big egg hunt! Small eggs with candy were hidden outside. Everyone did their best to find as many eggs as they could! Inside each egg was candy! It was a great time to try and find all of the eggs hidden!




















Tie-Dye Day

  We made tie-dye clothes in August! We took white hand towels and poured dye on them. How you tied up the cloth and what color you poured would change the pattern on the cloth. We had to take them home to dry, but the next day we could see the finished result! Everyone had made such incredible and colorful hand towels!









Pumpkin Carving and Halloween Party

  In October, we celebrate Halloween by caving faces into pumpkins and having a Halloween party. At this party, we play Halloween themed games while we talk in English. 









  We made a pinata for the 3rd year’s farewell party! Making it was a little time consuming, but it came out really cute and colorful. Breaking it was very fun too!



















Christmas Party

  In December, we decorate our club room with a Christmas tree and other wintertime decorations. Then, we have a Christmas party where we learn about Christmas, sing English Christmas songs, and play fun games!


















Valentine’s Day

  This Valentine’s Day, we decorated the classroom! We learned about Valentine’s Day and made lots of hearts and cards! We put these decorations up in the classroom to give the whole room a romantic feeling for Valentine’s Day!