【ESS】Contests of 2023-2024

The 40th Annual Zensho Speech and Recitation Contest

   We joined the Zensho Speech and Recitation Contest on July 15th, 2023.
In this speech contest, you have to write your own speech about topics, such as global problems, your passions or your experiences. In the recitation contest, you choose a pre-written speech that you want to recite. Two of our ESS members won first place, so they became the representatives in Mie prefecture and went to Tokyo to compete with other prefectures. 
  In Tokyo, they won 2nd place in the speech section and 3rd place in the recitation section!
















Mie Prefecture’s 33rd Annual Senior High School English Writing Contest

  Writing a story for the Mie Prefecture writing contest was harder than we thought, but we made a unique and funny story that we are very proud of! It was very fun and we laughed a lot.











Mie Prefecture’s 33rd Annual Senior High School English Speech Contest

  This contest usually starts in August. The first step to join this contest is to make a speech draft and voice recording. If you like using your voice to talk about your experience, for example, global problems, your passion and your experiences, I recommend that you join this contest. If your voice recording is good enough, you will be chosen to go to the contest in Tsu. It’s fun and you can improve your English from it!






Tokai Hokuriku Contest

  Through this contest, I was able to hear heartfelt speeches by students from all over Tokai and become friends with some of them! 
As same as any other student, my goal was to win the contest and proceed to the Nationals. Unfortunately I didn’t achieve that goal, but joining the contest helped me improve my essay writing skills, and English skills in general. 
   It was an honor to have participated in this speech contest.






The 23rd Annual Speech Contest ( sponsored by Kogakkan University )

  Two ESS members joined the contest and one of them won 2nd place!